Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Tasty cookie v.s. The Burnt cookie

     Soooooo who loves cookies raise your hand! If you currently have your hand in the air then this is the post for you, because you are about to like cookies even more! Last night, my companion and I were teaching a lesson about overcoming temptaion and choosing the right. We were describing how Satan desguises temptaion and makes it look desirable, and makes it look delicious.

     So imagine this! You have a mean older brother, or mean older sibling ( which some of you won't have to imagine too hard ) Well your sweet mother has just finished baking an amazing batch of chocolate chip cookies. All of them look so yummy, however a few of them got burnt in the process, which we know can happen sometimes. But there are still a bunch of warm soft ones that did not get burnt. Well as your mother pulls them out, she councils you to wait and let them cool off before taking one. So, as a good child you listen and find something to occupy yourself with for 15 minutes while they cool down. After 15 minutes it is finally time! The amazing cookies are ready to be devoured! And how nice your older brother is approaching you with a cookie in hand, letting you have the first one. He even covered it in some chocolate frosting to enjoy even more! You are so excited, you close your eyes and bite into the seemingly fresh cookie. And then you find out it is not good at all! You didn't just eat a good soft cookie, but a burnt one! How could this be!? Well i'll tell you. Your brother tricked you. He took a burnt cookie and covered it in frosting and sprinkles making it look like a tasty treat. Which is exactly what he wanted you to think!

      Just like the older brother, Satan does the same thing with temptation. Clearly we know right from wrong, we know what our Savior wants us to do. However, Satan tempts us, and disguises sin to make it look fun and delicious. He makes it seem like something that we really want, until we bite into it, and realize it isn't at all what we thought it was going to be. It is something we need to watch out for and be careful of! Remember what the Savior taught and the commandments he laid out for us to be happy! I promise if we follow his teachings and keep the commandments we will be so happy in this life! Stay away from the burnt cookie covered in chocolate frosting!

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